Support @ Enlighten Hosting

BulletProof FTP Tutorial

1. Open BulletProof FTP

This is usually located in your start menu or on your desktop.

2. IP Address

In the text box next to the word HOST, type in the IP Address. You will have received this in an Email from Enlighten Hosting.

3. Port Number

Make sure the port Number is set to 21. This is the default port that your computer will connect to.

4. Login and Password

Type your login and password in the 2 boxes. You will have received these in an email from Enlighten Hosting.

5. Push connect.

Push the little hand-shake icon below the word 'host' to connect to the FTP. If a box pops up, just press ok.

6. Find local files

You will see the major part of the screen is split into 2 sections on the left and right. The left hand section is the file system of the computer that you are using. The right hand window is the file system of our server that you have connected to. In the left hand window, browse to the files you want to upload to the web server. In the right hand window, browse to the 'htdocs' directory. If your files are not put into the 'htdocs' folder, your site won't work.

7. Upload files

Highlight the files on the left hand side(your computer) that you want to upload to the server(right hand side).

Click the Upload button. (folder with red arrow coming out of it)

Click the Go button to send the files. (round green button)