Support @ Enlighten Hosting

Enlighten Hosting Thunderbird Account setup

This page is designed to help you setup your Enlighten Hosting email account within the Thunderbird Mail program.

 1.  Select the Tools Menu and click on Account Settings.

2Select the Email Account radio button  

 3.  Enter the required information in the boxes provided.

 4.  Select the type of incoming server you wish to use, POP is the most common, however we do support IMAP.

5.  The Incoming User Name is the same as your email address.

6.  Select what you would like your account to be named in Thunderbird.

 7.  Once this has been done, select the Tools Menu and select Account SettingsSelect
Outgoing Server

8.  Select the Edit button on the right and check the option "User name and Password" under
Security and Authentication.  The username is your email address.

9. Once this is complete select 'OK' from both of the boxes and you will be able to
send and recieve with your email account.