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Enlighten Hosting Outlook 2007 Spam Folder Tutorial

This tutorial is designed to allow you to place all email marked as Spam through the Enlighten Hosting Mail system into a single folder so it can be sorted through later.  This tutorial is made up of 2 parts:

1) Creating the Folder
2) Creating the Rule

Creating the Folder

1. - Right Click on your Inbox folder on the left hand side and select New Folder

2.  - Type the name of what you would like the folder to be called can select OK from the
right hand menu

 3. - The folder should appear below your inbox

Creating the Rule

1. - Select the Tools menu from the top and select Rules and Alerts 

2.  - Select New Rule

3. -  Select the second option down which is labelled:
"Move messages with specific words in subject to another folder"

 4. - At the bottom of the page select specific words

5. - In the box that appears enter the word [SPAM] 

 6. - Select Add from the right hand menu and click OK

 7. - From the bottom links select the specified folder link

 8. - Select the folder that you created earlier and then select OK from the right hand

 9. - Select Finish from the bottom options.