Support @ Enlighten Hosting

Outlook Express Spam Folder Setup

 1. [Spam] Marking
With Enlighten Hosting's new anti-spam filter, any spam that comes through our servers, should be marked with [Spam] in the subject line before it reaches your Inbox.


2. Message Rules
With Outlook Express open, click on the Tools menu, then select Message Rules and finally click on Mail.


3. Rule Conditions
In the Select the Conditions for your rule: selection box, select the Where the Subject line contains specific words option.


4. Rule Actions
In the second selection box (Select the Actions for your rule:), select the Move it to the specified folder option.


5. Configuring Conditions
Click on the text contains specific words in the third selection box.


6. Setting Conditions
A new window will appear. Enter the text "[Spam]" (with out the double quotes) into the first text box and click Add. Click OK to finish.


7. Configuring Actions
Click on the text specified to set what happens to the spam emails.


8. Selecting Folder
Select a folder from the new window that opened and click OK. Or create a new folder by clicking New Folder.


9. New Folder
Enter "Spam" as the name of the new folder. Click OK.


10. Selecting New Folder
Select the Spam folder from the window and click the OK button.


11. Naming the Rule
Enter "Spam" as the name of the rule then click OK.


12. Finishing
You will now be at the Rule Management screen. Click OK to finish creating your rule. Your rule will come into affect when you next receive new email.