Support @ Enlighten Hosting

Getting Started - Information for New Clients

Once you have become an Enlighten Hosting client you will be sent information on the following:

Please remember to use Enlighten Hosting’s Tutorials, to help you:

Your Hosting Account Login and Password

Your hosting account login and password is used to access the Enlighten Hosting console.

Using the FTP information provided from our staff or from the console files can then be transferred using FTP (File Transfer Protocol), from your computer to your website.

This information is emailed to all clients when their website is added.

Due to the nature of your website information, it is important that it is stored safely and is not given out to untrustworthy sources. This is also why Enlighten Hosting will only provide this information directly to the client.

If you are worried about the wrong people having access to your website, please contact us immediately to have your FTP login and password changed.

Website Statistics Information

Free with all Enlighten Hosting shared hosting accounts is access to your website’s statistics, using a statistics program called Wusage.

To access your website’s statistics you will need to go to

A box will appear asking you for your login and password. This is also emailed when a website is set up.

You can access your website’s statistics at any time of the day and reports can be viewed by day, month, quarter or year.

For more information on the best reports to view, or on terminology please view the Enlighten Hosting website statistics FAQ.

Directions for Support

If you require assistance and cannot locate the information that you need on the website, please contact us directly or email

If your enquiry is accounts related, please email You can also download a copy of the Enlighten Hosting Automatic Payment form.

Please remember to cancel you hosting or email services if you were using another company once we have successfully set this up for you.