Services for Enlighten Customers

SSL Security Certificates

Enlighten Hosting supports the use of SSL Security Certificates on select servers.  SSL Security Certificates enable SSL encryption on your website - giving you the ability to communicate securely with your website and your clients.

SSL Security Certificates protect all communications, so you can:

  • Take credit card orders in a trusted environment
  • Protect sensitive personal and business information
  • Ensure that hackers cannot detect your passwords
  • Get the 'green lock', and Improve SEO.

How can I get SSL?

1) You can purchase your own SSL certificate and provide this to Enlighten Hosting for loading on to your site.

2) You can ask Enlighten Hosting for assistance in obtaining a Third party certificate (Such as Verisign, or Commodo).  Simply send us en email at

3) You can Request Enlighten Hosting make use of our Let's Encrypt based SSL solution.