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Microsoft SQL Reporting Services

Reporting is an essential part of daily business, enabling information to be used for better business decision making.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services is a comprehensive, server-based reporting solution that can author, manage, and deliver both paper-oriented and interactive, web–based reports.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services is a scalable and robust enterprise-ready reporting solution which improves business insight by connecting people to information from any data sources and delivering it via a familiar Web browser, the Office System, or embedded within business applications.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services gives you more control and flexibility throughout the reporting lifecycle: Authoring, Management, and Delivery and includes fully integrated security features to control the distribution and viewing of reports to protect corporate data assets.  

Report Authoring

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services provides a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) designer for defining report layouts.

Using Microsoft SQL Reporting Services you can lay out data in a variety of formats and can even create powerful branded reports.

Report Management

Report management encompasses scalability, security, and scheduling of reports.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Services has the ability to provide on-demand reports that are either live or cached. A live report queries the underlying data source in real-time to retrieve data, whereas a cached report maintains a cached version of the report's data set for a defined period of time. With cached versions of reports, your system could generate the data set once, then reuse that data set for other users requesting the same data. You could also use Microsoft SQL Reporting Services' scheduling capabilities to run the report every Monday at 8 a.m, then all users could simply access the cached copy.

Report Delivery

With Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, you are able to define a report independent of how you want to render it. Microsoft SQL Reporting Services lets you easily create a single report that you can deploy in almost any format (including PDF, TIFF, HTML, and data formats such as XML or CSV) for almost any device.

Microsoft SQL Reporting Service Plans

The following Enlighten Hosting Shared Hosting Plans can be enabled to use of Microsoft SQL Reporting Services:

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