Services for Enlighten Customers

Search Engine Submissions and Optimisation

Search engines are the primary form of marketing on the Internet and as such can play an important role in the success of your website.

Enlighten Hosting can tweak your website, until it is optimised for search engine submissions and provide valuable advice on how to increase your website’s traffic.

Enlighten Hosting can submit your site to over 200 international search engines, and 1200 linking lists for enhanced search engine rankings. Enlighten Hosting can then manually submit and rank your site on the top 20 search engines (domestic and international) to get the highest position possible, and maximize the number of visitors your site receives.

Enlighten Hosting has also developed a unique plan that factors search engine submissions into your monthly hosting bill. This is an excellent way of knowing that your sites are regularly being submitted to the top search engines and are in a position to achieve the results your website requires. This also means that instead of paying large lump sums, a small charge is incurred every month, automating search engine submissions for your site.

If you would like to have a search engine submission completed on your website, or are interested in factoring this cost into your hosting account every month, please contact us.