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Ecommerce can be defined as "the buying and selling of goods and services via the Internet".

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At its most basic level, an ecommerce store can be as simple as presenting products and/or services online and allowing customers to express their desire to purchase them through the use of downloadable, emailed, or online purchase forms. In most cases, when this level of ecommerce solution is employed, the transaction is completed and payment is arranged outside of the online environment.

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The next level of an ecommerce solution allows customers to provide their credit card details during the purchase. The credit card details are then stored securely allowing the selling party to process the transaction and receive payment. Again, like the previous basic method, the transaction is often completed outside of the online environment.

At a higher level, an ecommerce store integrates with third party organisations to enable the processing of credit card payments to be performed in real-time. Monthly and per transaction fees are charged by the third party organisations that process these transactions.

Enlighten Hosting supports multiple real time Online Payment Processing methods and works with third party payment providers such as Payment Express (

The Comrade Ecommerce System was designed and developed by Enlighten Designs to deliver a highly customisable ecommerce solution that can be adapted to meet a very broad range of client needs. The Comrade Ecommerce System allows products to be sold online and includes full registration, shopping cart, and purchasing functionality.


The Comrade Ecommerce System can be tailored to suit any ecommerce store level - from the emailing of orders through to real-time payment processing.

Standard Comrade Ecommerce Store Features include:

  • Full online user registration
  • Ecommerce store shopping cart functionality
  • Ecommerce store online order placement (with credit card storing or real time payment processing)
  • Ecommerce store product attributes (size, colour, optional add-ons etc)
  • Supports product categories (create, edit, and delete)
  • Supports product sub-categories (create, edit, and delete)
  • Supports shipping and freight charges (using shipping groups and regional pricing)
  • Supports multiple product images
  • Supports multiple administration users
  • View complete order histories
  • Confirmation of order processing and shipping via email
  • Easy to use and intuitive ecommerce store administration
  • Secure web-based administration interface
  • Updateable profiles and passwords for all ecommerce store administration users

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