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HTTP Compression to enhance the browsing experience

The HTTP compression feature is enabled on your websites as part of your Enlighten Hosting plan.

HTTP compression is a capability built into both your web server and web browsers (ie. Internet Explorer). It helps minimise time used for a browser to open up your webpages, which are sent through by your web server.

This can enhance the browsing experience of your customers when they visit your website. The text and images on your webpages can therefore load faster. Less time is required for your customers to open up your the webpage. If you are or will be using search engine advertising campaigns (ie. Google Adwords) to sell your products, your adverts' positions will be improved. This is because Google Adwords for instance, will rank your adverts higher if your webpages' loading speed become faster.

Please find below graphs illustrating how the HTTP compression has both reduced the webpage load time of our own website ( and data (bytes) being sent through by 71%.

You can check how HTTP compression has benefited your own website by typing your site URL on the following website:

Page Load Time Graph

Bytes Graph