Services for Enlighten Customers

Enlighten Hosting Web Mail Pro

Enlighten Hosting Webmail Pro allows you to read and send e-mail messages using any web browser using your favorite "Outlook-like" interface from anywhere in the world. This system provides feature rich Web 2.0 web-based access to email, calendars, contacts, files and shared data from any computer with browser and internet connection.

The user friendly interface allows you to:
  • Check, send and receive email on the move
  • Draft emails
  • Maintain an online address book
  • Create your own email folders and rules
  • Set up and maintain email auto responders
  • Change your password
  • Permanently block spam address
  • Set up spam bypasses
  • Run with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to ensure higher security and data protection
  • Have email pulled from other servers into your Web Mail account 
  • Set up custom rules to automatically sort your email. (move to specific folder, delete, block, allow etc.)
  • Run with fast and low cost deployment

Enlighten Hosting WebMail Pro Benefits

Zero config

With nothing to configure, Enlighten Hosting Webmail Pro is suited for roaming between Wifi networks and mobile data access and enables users to start working right away.

  • Auto login
  • Automatic timezone adjustment



Thanks to full IMAP support, Enlighten Hosting Webmail Pro can reflect exactly the same state as user's standard desktop client, with messages marked read, flagged and sorted to user folders, outgoing organized in Sent folder and Spam folder cleaned up.

User can store important files on the server, share and synchronize documents. Rich text message composer with autosave and spell checker can serve as a convenient notepad.

  • 100% IMAP compatible
  • Spell checker
  • GroupWare data backup/restore
  • Spam management
  • Full-text search: contacts, calendars, email



Enlighten Hosting Webmail Pro delivers a better user experience than ever before via a pure Web 2.0 architecture. Automatic sign-on, periodical email checking, search, sorting, flagging and image preview will make it the favourite interface for mail management.

  • Auto save to Drafts
  • Auto check for new messages with sound
  • Auto empty trash on exit
  • Save All attachments to Zip
  • Drag & drop for all objects



Enlighten Hosting Webmail Pro is resistant to attacks, communicates securely, encrypts individual messages, and protects user data.

  • S/MIME - digitally sign/validate a message
  • Virtual Cookies for same setting anywhere
  • Toggle show/hide image attachments
  • SSL end-to-end security, RSA password encryption
  • Strict XML client-server communication protocol



Enlighten Hosting Webmail Pro utilizes advanced caching to decrease response times. The speed is comparable to desktop email clients even for thousands of messages and slow connections. The client application is downloaded only once, then there is no more waiting for a screen refresh- AJAX technology simply takes care of the rest.

  • Responsive interface
  • Less server resource consumption
  • Multiple accounts
  • Unlimited subfolders in folder tree


Webmail Pro is a free service available with all Enlighten Hosting email accounts.

Webmail Pro can also be used for Calendaring, Tasks, Notes and Events. Contact us for more information on using these services.