Services for Enlighten Customers

Spam Filtering

With Enlighten Hosting's anti-spam filter, you can easily control or eliminate unsolicited advertising email, also known as 'spam'.

Spam filtering is a free service included with all Enlighten Hosting email accounts.

How does it work?

Every time an email comes through the Enlighten Hosting mail servers, it is checked against a set of rules to determine the probability of the email being unwanted spam. These rules check against lists of words and phrases frequently used in spam, and addresses of known spammers. These rules adapt over time to make filtering more efficient.

If an email is recognised as being unsolicited it is marked as  "[SPAM]" in the subject line, before it gets passed to your inbox. This allows you to direct spam email into a seperate junk email folder.

Setting up the Enlighten Hosting's anti-spam filter options for your mailbox is simple and will only take a few minutes.