Services for Enlighten Customers

Mail Washing

With Enlighten Hosting's Mail Washing service you can easily eliminate spam and malicious emails from reaching your inbox. The way this service works is that your e-mail is routed through to Enlighten Hosting and then we mark emails that have a possibility of being spam with the word [SPAM] in the subject.

Emails that are 100% undoubtedly spam are then completely rejected from our system. This ensures that any emails that would pose trouble to yourself or your company will not make it through to your inbox. On top of the anti-spam filtering we provide as part of our Mail Washing service we also provide anti-virus scanning on each piece of email that comes through our system.

The combinations of anti-virus and anti-spam technologies that make up Enlighten Hosting’s Mail Washing service ensure that your mail box is safer from malicious emails and spam attempts.


Mail Washing Service monthly fee $25

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