Services for Enlighten Customers

Email Services

Anti-virus Checking

All email that passes through the Enlighten Hosting Mail Servers is scanned for any known viruses.

Email Backup Service

Enlighten Hosting's Email Backup Service detects when your mail server is offline and holds your organisation's emails, delivering them when the mail server is back online. Groupware and Calendaring

Enlighten Hosting's Groupware is an advanced server-based solution designed to improve communication between users. This service allows you to keep in touch with staff and contacts on and offline 24/7.

Mail Servers

The Enlighten Hosting Mail Servers are the most secured, stable and fully featured mail servers on the market.

Mobile Email for PDA and Mobile Phones

Enlighten Hosting Web Mail also supports WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) for delivering web information to PDA and mobile phones.

Spam Filtering

With Enlighten Hosting's anti-spam filter, you can easily control or eliminate unsolicited advertising email, also known as 'spam'.

Web Mail
  Manage your email through our easy to use Web Mail interface.