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Windows Media Streaming

Enlighten Hosting provides superior quality Windows Media Streaming to your website visitors – live or on demand.

Windows Media Streaming

We offer a scalable, reliable solution for broadcasting high-quality live streaming in Windows Media. Windows Media Player (with more than 700 million instances already delivered worldwide) is bringing digital media to the mainstream.

Our Windows Media streaming service delivers unmatched video and audio quality at any bit rate. From the optimised dial-up experience to home theatre-like experiences for broadband and beyond with features such as fast streaming eliminate or reduced buffering and delays. Your customers can have a digital viewing experience similar to what they’re used to getting when watching movies or listening to music at home.

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Benefits to Your Business

Unparalleled Reliability - Enlighten Hosting’s network architecture handles heavy demands.

Performance - We provide flawless content delivery as the streaming technology will adjust the quality of the stream (bit rate) according to the viewers internet connection speed.

On Demand Storage - Enlighten Hosting provides fault-tolerant, scalable and secure storage for your windows media streaming asset.

Quick Setup - Enlighten Hosting can quickly establish your streaming service, taking care of the entire process for you.

How Enlighten Hosting Windows Media Streaming Works

The Enlighten Hosting Windows Media Server will be used for live streaming the Windows Media videos. It delivers file streaming in all Windows Media player-compatible formats. It also provides advanced streaming technology that Flash does not currently support.


Bandwidth Concurrent Streams Rate Monthly Fee
750Kbps 20 40kbps streams $85 *
1.5Mbit 50 40kbps streams $170 *
3Mbit 100 40kbps streams $340 *
6Mbit 200 40kbps streams $680 *

* Excludes setup costs

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