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What is Web hosting?

Web hosting or hosting is a technology service that allows you to post information on the internet. This is done via computers with permanent internet connections. People then access your information from a computer with an internet connection and a Web browser.

How do I set up a website?

To set up a website on the Enlighten Hosting servers you must first sign up for your selected hosting plan (see:

You will then be supplied an FTP login allowing you to upload your website files to the server. 

If you do not have an FTP programme you can simply send your website files to and Enlighten Hosting will handle all of the technical stuff for you.

What is FTP?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is the standard method for transferring files across the internet. 

Enlighten Hosting
would recommend you use a 3rd party FTP application such as Bullet Proof FTP.

Can I check the statistics of my site?

Yes you can.

Enlighten Hosting
 provides a comprehensive website statistics service called Wusage.

Wusage is included in all Enlighten Hosting plans.

How do I change my hosting plan?

Email or contact us using our online form. 

Let us know who you are, what plan you are currently on, and what plan you would like to be on.  

We will transfer you to your new plan, without any transfer fees.