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Does Enlighten Hosting email have anti-virus and anti-spam protection?

Yes, all Enlighten Hosting email accounts have anti-virus and anti-spam protection.

How can I set up my email client to read my email?

Your client (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express etc) should be set up to connect to the '' server.

Use the password and login provided by Enlighten Hosting to log in and read your email.

Can I change my anti-spam options in Web Mail?

Yes, you can change your anti-spam filter options in Web mail.

You can add spam bypass and block lists.

If I select the delete option in Web Mail and delete [SPAM] marked messages before downloading them, can I see my deleted email or get them back in Web Mail?

No. If you select the delete option in Web Mail the anti-spam email filter automatically deletes email that matches known spam signatures.

Enlighten Hosting does not hold or keep copies of such deleted attachments or emails.

What is a mailbox?

A mailbox is a storage area where mail messages are retrieved or delivered via client based mail software such as Microsoft Outlook, and Web mail access. A mailbox is needed for an email account that uses the local delivery method. Accounts that use only forwarding delivery do not require a mailbox, as emails are being passed onto another email address.

What is mailbox storage?

Mailbox storage refers to the amount of email sent to you that Enlighten Hosting stores in its mail system. Messages for you are sent via the Internet and are delivered by our mail system to your allocated mailbox.

Is there a limit on how much space I have in my mailbox?

For clients with hosting accounts your mail box size is limited only by the size of the hosting plan. This means that the combined size of your website and email may not exceed the space allocated in your hosting plan.

Importantly Enlighten Hosting does not reject emails when you reach your size limit. Instead you will be notified and given an opportunity to upgrade your hosting plan or reduce your stored mail size.

How long will Enlighten Hosting store my email?

At Enlighten Hosting we let you choose how you wish to use your disk space. This also means that you do not have to worry about your email being deleted.

All Enlighten Hosting plans include disk space.  This is used for storing website folders and emails.

If the allocated disk space for a hosting plan is exceeded you will be contacted about upgrading your plan.

If you use an email application ( for example Microsoft Outlook or Express), or your computer is in a network with a mail server (i.e. Microsoft Exchange Server), the messages are downloaded from our email system to your computer (or server) and are no longer stored with Enlighten Hosting.

If you use Web Mail or have asked Enlighten Hosting to keep copies of your email in our email system, you do not have to worry about your emails being deleted.