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Billing FAQ

When do I have to pay my invoices?

Invoices are due on the 20th of the month, every month.

Enlighten Hosting also provide alternative invoicing periods, allowing our clients to pay quarterly and yearly. Contact us if you would like your invoice period changed.

How do I Pay?

A Lite Plan must be paid by an Automatic Payment. Automatic Payments are also our preferred method of payment. To set up an Automatic Payment, please contact us for an automatic payment form, print it out and give it to your bank.  Alternatively you may be able to set up the Automatic Payments via phone or online banking.

Enlighten Hosting also accept payments via Master Card or Visa. 

What happens if I don't pay my bill?

All accounts that are past due by more than 60 calendar days are subject to a 20% late fee. Enlighten Hosting also reserves the right to disconnect your site and hold all information of the client until  the outstanding invoices are paid in full.

Unpaid debts will be transferred to a collection agency.


Do I pay GST if I live outside New Zealand?

If you reside outside of New Zealand, your invoices will not include the Goods and Services Tax (GST).