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Groupware and Calendaring

Enlighten Hosting offers Groupware and Calendaring. Groupware is an advanced server-based solution designed to improve communication between users, enable multi-user scheduling, and allow all types of information between users, applications and devices to be shared and synchronised.

Enlighten Hosting Groupware’s rich features, security and cost-effectiveness makes this a great additional service to add to your Hosting plan.

For more information on the Groupware and Calendaring services offered by Enlighten Hosting please contact us.

SQL Express 2005

Enlighten Hosting is proud to offer SQL Express for use with its Standard Hosting Plan as well as the use of Microsoft Access. With SQL Express 2005 we also have available Full-Text searching which is a powerful search engine for searching text-intensive data. This allows us to offer a flexible database solution for customers that do not need the features that are included in our SQL Plan but still require a flat-file database.

If you require a more robust and feature rich database solution for your website then our SQL Plan will suite your needs, with a fully featured SQL 2000 database available for use with your web solutions that will allow you faster data processing and searches than the SQL 2005 Express database. With SQL 2005 Express and SQL 2000 available for a minimal price we are able to offer you a stable and flexible database solution.

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