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Enlighten Hosting provide a wide range of services to benefit our clients websites. Please click on a section below to view services by category.

Shared Hosting Plans
  Shared hosting is an inexpensive solution for smaller websites, and websites that do not require complex custom applications. Provided in a highly managed environment, our shared hosting plans are ranged to suit individual users, through to larger corporate websites.

Email Only Plans
  Our Email Plan enables you to have the email accounts your organisation requires, without the need to purchase website hosting space that may not be used.

Live Streaming Plans
  Our live streaming services enable organisations to create engaging and compelling experiences for their website visitors. The scope of possibilities is endless. You can present entertainment events, promotions, product demos, corporate announcements, live news, sports, music, movies and advertisements more easily and on demand. Enlighten Hosting streams rich content to your website visitors flawlessly.

Reseller Plans
  Want to work with a service orientated hosting provider that will support your company's growth?

Enlighten Hosting provide excellent opportunities for hosting partners in a low risk environment. Maintain control of your client's websites, while we do all the work!

Dedicated Plans
  Dedicated hosting is a service for websites, which is specifically designed to meet your exact needs. Often used for larger, more complex websites, our dedicated hosting solutions enable you to define the level of management and support, hardware requirements, software and so forth