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Website Statistics FAQ

What is Wusage?

Wusage is a website statistics program that comes free with every Enlighten Hosting plan.

Wusage helps you determine the true impact of your website by measuring the popularity of your documents, determining the paths your users follow, and analysing the sites from which they come.

How do I access my statistics?

To access your website statistics go to:

You will then be prompted to supply the username and password given to you by the hosting admistrator when your hosting account was created.

I lost my password, what should I do?

If you loose your website statistics username and/or password email:

A new user name and password will be supplied to you within two working days.

What reports are most useful?

Wusage gathers a great deal of statistical information about the useage of your website and generates a number of valuable reports.

The below reports are among the most useful.

Top Documents - This lists the top 10 pages accessed in your website.

Top Entry Pages - Tells you what pages visits to your website typically begin with.

Top Search Keywords - Let's you now what keywords users are entering in search engines to find your website.

Top Search Servers - Tells you what search engines are most important for your website.

Top Referring Sites - Let's you know where people may be coming from to access the website.

What is an "access"?

An "access" is a single, successful request made by a Web browser. Every successful request for any resource on the Web server, whether for an image or a document or for another type of information, is regarded as an access.

What is a "cookie"?

"Cookies" are pieces of information which can be stored on the user's browser, at your Web server's request. They are useful because the Web browser submits these cookies back to the server on future visits. This means that individual users can be recognised again by assigning a unique "cookie" to each visitor.

What is a "visit"?

A "visit" consists of one or more accesses made by the same visitor, with no more than a certain time interval between accesses.

When the maximum time interval has elapsed, the visit is considered to be over, and the next access by that visitor begins a new visit.

What is a "unique visitor"?

A "unique visitor" is a single, distinct person, visiting the site one or more times.

Web browsers do not always report any user-identifying information, therefore this figure is estimated by the best means available.